Logo Design

Artificial Intelligence for Justice Lab

Individual Work Project

Fall 2019, University of Toronto

Project Type: Branding Design

Project Duration: 2 Weeks

Tools: Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator

Working as an Research Assistant in the Aritificial Intelligence for Justice Lab, my responsibility involved designing the new lab logo to convey a contemporary and high-tech brand image.


I started out by combining the three initials “AIJ” with varied spatial compostions and created 6 basic compositions and some variations in line drawings. 

I then added colors to the line works in order to further refine the proportion of the line drawings and to test the atmosphere created by different color palettes.


Given the feedback from the lab director, option  “1B” and option “5” are kept and the client also wanted the logo to look more tech-related. I then tested several design possibilities to represent Artificial Intelligence over the two selected options: using horizontal splits, neuron network, or adding a brain icon. In this round, option 1B is selected for its simplicity.


Further iteration on the form of the three letters was conducted to find the right proportion and the middle option is kept because the “A”  letter looks more dynamic.

Four colour palettes are tested in the final round. Mostly in blue shade to give the high-tech feeling and I also tested the option to give a different colour to thethe letter I and J to make them look more like two human figures. In the end, the vibrant gradient blue palette was selected.


Final Design was selected by lab members through a voting process. Text label is also added for clearer representation.




Redesigning Vea’havta

Lab Logo

Wenzhao zhang, 2020