RBC Amphacks 2019

Hackathon Project

Fall 2019, University of Toronto

Project Type: UX Research & Design

Project Duration: 36 Hours

Tools:  Sketch, Invision, Adobe Photoshop,

Illustrator, InDesign

Collaborator: Gordon Mo, Andy Jiang, Benji Lee

My Role: I participated in the design ideation and conducted user research and interviews, designed A/B usability testing with prototypes and completed the UI and Invision mockup in 24 hours


To resolve the safety concerns of cylists in GTA, CycleSafe is a proactive danger prevention system. Concerned cyclists can travel safely and efficiently whether they plan ahead or even during cycling.


Feature 1  Route Optimization

  • Planning the safest and most time-efficient route.
  • Marking out all the dangerous areas avoided.
  • Comparing with Google Map suggestions.

Feature 2  Alerts when travelling

  • Giving out alerts to cyclists when they are cycling in dangerous areas

  • User friendly alerts to minimize distraction


Feature 3  Detailed Alert Info

  • Clicking on the identifies areas will inform the user of why the area is dangerous

  • Using historical data to give notice on specific risks like “T-crossing” or “Blind spots”

Feature 4  Trip ratings for Community Building

  • Invite the users to rate and review their trip.

  • Cyclists can report new accidents on their trip or share their thoughts

  • Fostering a cyclists’ community through CycleSafe




Redesigning Vea’havta


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